The Trade Marketing Solution That Keeps Up with your Beat

Manage your field team, track reports in real time, generate insights to leverage sell-out, and reduce operating costs with Involves Stage.

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The Right Technology for Your POS Strategy

Make Your Team More Productive

With Involves Stage you can set the best routes, keep an eye on the visits and ensure the workday is met. With a refined time management, you enable your field team to become more productive and to visit more POS during the day!

Define a Strategy That Increases Your Results

With our retail execution solution, you can create custom forms, collect field data and schedule tasks dynamically. Your operation will be more aligned and much more focused on results!

Intelligent Data Analysis to Manage Your Operation

The indicators on the Involves Stage dashboard are updated in real time, providing security in decision making. You can also export data into spreadsheets and integrate them with your BI tool, simplifying the access to your operation data.

Improve Your Results by Increasing POS Sell-Out

Involves Stage enables your back-office team to create tasks so that the field team won't miss any opportunity at the POS, enhancing your brand presence and increasing the sales of your products.

A More Aligned and Results-Focused Operation

Involves Stage has Perfect Store to improve the results of your operation. With this feature, you can measure and analyze your pricing, presence, share, and additional display strategies at each point of sale.

Artificial Intelligence for Image Recognition

With Shelfscan you ensure accurate data and reduce the time spent in visits doing surveys. From the photos of the shelves, the technology identifies presence, stockouts, share by category and planogram compliance. Simple, fast and accurate.