The Perfect Retail Execution Tool for Your Agency

A diverse portfolio of companies demands excellence in technology. Boost your productivity, execution, and intelligence with Involves Stage.

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Easy Management of Retail Execution

Track Results in Real Time

With Involves Stage your agency increases the productivity of the field reps team. Optimize routes, create alerts, track POS visits with a single technology that delivers accuracy, data, and intelligence to your customers!

Bring Managers and Field Teams Closer

Does your back-office have trouble communicating with field reps? Our retail execution app was developed to promote interaction between teams.

Easier Task Management

The routine of a retail execution operation experiences several unexpected setbacks and you need efficiency to adapt to those changes. In Involves Stage your back-office team can edit survey forms and adjust visit itineraries to points of sale in real time.

Speed in Data Extraction and Analysis

The Involves Stage dashboard features up-to-date, real-time indicators that provide security in decision making. You can also export the collected data and integrate them with your BI tool.

Greater Autonomy for Your Agency

Involves Stage is the ideal tool for your operation. We offer a stable and reliable experience supporting a large amount of data, providing greater autonomy for your agency, regardless of the size of your team!

Deliver Innovative Information to Your Customers

Are your customers looking for specific information requiring custom-made reports? Our retail execution solution provides integration with your BI tools, allowing you to customize your customers' deliveries, enhancing and esteeming the services you provide.