The Ideal Retail Execution Software for the Indirect Channel

Get closer to your field team, optimize the itineraries for your operation and demonstrate the promotional activities at the POS!

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Manage Your Operation Easily in a Single Project

Know Where Your Field Team Is

Involves Stage lets you track your field team in real time. Our distributor customers have already increased their itineraries and visits compliance by 40%.

Perfect Relationships Drive More Sales

Obtaining additional displays at the POS is vital to improve your results. Our retail execution software allows you to encourage the productivity of your field team as well as engaging them to handle new display spaces.

Demonstrate Promotional Activities to the Manufacturers

How does your company prove to the manufacturers that the planned activities were actually carried out at the point of sale? With Involves Stage the back-office team is aware of all the tasks the field reps carry out at the POS.

Improve Communication with Your Field Team

Transparent and direct communication is the key to a successful operation. Involves Stage provides a chat for a real time interaction between your field and back-office teams.