The Retail Execution System for Your Operation

Optimize the itineraries for your team, collect a wide range of data at points of sale, and track your execution strategies.

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Identify Trends and Sales Opportunities

Manage and Leverage Your Team’s Results

With Involves Stage you monitor the field reps’ itineraries and attendances in real time. Our customers have already achieved more than 90% compliance of their planned itineraries and have had over 60% increase in their operation indicators.

Simplified Management of the Field Team Journey

The workday is directly related to team engagement, motivation, and productivity. Involves Stage has already contributed with a 30% increase in hours worked by our customers' field teams and generated more than half a million dollars in productivity gains.

Data Analysis and Insight Generation

Does your back-office team need to analyze the data collected over time? Involves Stage easies the access to the necessary information and produces some insights through dashboards or through with BI platforms integration.

Increase the Productivity of Your Back-Office Team

Involves Stage has an API to automate interactions with other applications, decreasing the errors occurrence during data extraction and synchronization. You can also integrate our tool with others such as an ERP software.

Improve Your Sales Team’s Results

To enhance the outcome of your team's execution at the point of sale, Involves Stage brought the Perfect Store tool. With this resource, you can measure and analyze your pricing, presence, share and additional display strategies at each point of sale.

Safe Operation

Involves Stage follows international software security practices while developing its platforms. You can also set access profiles so that each member of your operation can view just the information they need.